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Rockwell Bean Bucket

RockwellThere have been numerous attempts to make a better bike helmet, but German designer Rockwell Headgear has looked to a concept we first covered back in 2012 when it was introduced for ski and snowboarding helmets. Instead of a foam liner the Rockwell utilizes Vaco12 technology, which consists of pods of beans that are spread out to absorb energy on impact.

The Rockwell helmets feature a Vaco12 layer along with a hard outer shell and a textile softshell in between. The result is a helmet that has layers to take the blunt of an impact – which is better than the head taking it!

Rockwell Headgear Official Website

Bean Bag Helmet

Earlier this week we noted that helmet development continues as research has shown that rotational motion is something needs to be considered as well. Numerous helmets have tried to offer ways to provide additional support, and now we heard about Vacotechnology AG’s Vaco 12 technology, which used vacuum cushions that are comprised of small, round beads – the kind you might find in a stuffed animal or bean bag chair – and the concept here is to provide a snugger helmet that is comfortable and can help absorb impact up to four times more effectively than just a traditional foam helmet. Read the rest of this entry »

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