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STABILicers Grip the Ice

This winter does not appear to be repeat of last year when the snow and ice were far and few between. For those who want to get out in the wilds but not end up flat on their backs there is the new STABILicers, which transform any winter boots into grip ready shoes.

Developed by Maine-based 32 North the STABILicers can be worn over most boots and feature snow tire studs for your feet. The STABILicers Lite are recommended for those who work outdoors and need to trek through snow and ice, while the STABILicers Sportrunners are for those who like to partake in winter activities. While the Lite model feature non-replaceable multi-directional steel cleats, the Sportrunners are designed with replaceable cleats to ensure years of gripping the snow.

Either model should help you trek across a frozen and iced over driveway!

32 North Official Website

Hok – A Hybrid of Ski and Snowshoe

This season it seems that hybrid skis/snowboards are all the rage. We’ve seen some folding skis designed for snowboarders, as well as skis that work over snowless patches. But now Altai Skis is truly going back to the roots of skiing with the Hok.

Whilst skis may easily evoke the Nordic regions, skiing actually first developed in the Altai Mountains of Central Asia as well for herdsmen to cross the rugged land. When skis headed west they developed into specialized designs for cross country, downhill and even ski jumping. But the Hok model from Altai Skis goes back to the original design, which is wider shorter ski that offers the advantages of snowshoes. The wood ski features steel edges and a climbing skin in the base, allowing wearers to go places that most skis couldn’t take them.

The Hok is available with either three-pin binding for ski boots, or a universal binding for basic winter boots. Either way it is recommended that Hok’ers use the single pole to control direction just as it was in the Central Asiatic highlands. Videos and size comparison after the jump

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