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The Water Viper

Viper-Speed-SuitWhile various “speed suits” have been banned in swimming competition the new Roka Viper Speed Suit is ready to race. This new suit was designed for swim trainers and triathletes with help from NASA technology. It might not help you get to space, but with this suit you might just fly through the water.

Roka Viper Speed Suit Official Website

Weekend Reading List (2.4.12): Runners Talk, NASA Innovates, House Votes Against Bikes

New Day, Same Old Sh…

Welcome to the Weekend Reading List. We moved the list to Saturday to give our loyal readers something new for the weekend, and as a way to catch up on stories that they might have missed. This week we being with Sh*t Barefoot Runners Say (video above).

Enjoy the list and be sure to check back every Saturday. Read the rest of this entry »

Recon Heads-Up Display Tech to be Adapted for Space Exploration

Recon Instruments' Transcend snow goggles with GPS-enabled, heads-up display.

Typically NASA’s research and technologies lead to the creation of consumer and commercial products. But it looks like NASA will be utilizing a commercial product as part of its next-generation spacesuits and helmets, according to a report from Wired.

NASA announced that Recon Instruments will be creating a customized integrated heads-up display for helmets that’s based on Recon’s GPS-enabled, heads-up-display-equipped goggles for snowboarders. The technology will be integrated into NASA’s Desert RATS initiative for future missions to Mars and other galactic destinations.



CamelBak Launches Into Orbit

Back in the 1970s the drink mix Tang was advertised as being “what the astronauts drink,” which somehow meant it was better. Why an orange drink mix would be better because it was consumed by astronauts remains a bit confusing. And we’re still not sure how the powder was mixed with water in zero gravity, or why powder would be ideal over a liquid drink in the first place – after all the water still has to make the trip (we hope they mixed it with water anyway).

The idea that it was used by astronauts remains intriguing however. But what is even more impressive is a product that is so good on Terra Firma that it can head to outer space. Enter the CamelBak Big Bite Valve, which has been integrated into the NASA spacesuit because it was easy to use, self sealing and of course could stand up to extreme conditions. No one needs liquid floating around in zero gravity. And while the astronauts have special suits, the valve system for the drinking system is actually the same one found on each and every CamelBak water bottle and hydration pack.

Sound won’t travel in a vacuum we know, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t get thirsty while in high orbit. So if you plan to take a trip up beyond the heavens he Big Bite Valve will let you can take a sip of a cool drink under the stars.

CamelBak Lab Official Website

AlterG Blasts Off to National Rehabilitation Hospital Network

We first reported about the AlterG anit-gravity treadmills last year, and this week it was announced that the NASA-inspired technology would be adopted for use at the HNRH Regional Rehab, National Rehabilitation Hospital’s network of outpatient centers located in Maryland and Northern Virginia, including the Harbor Hospital in Baltimore. The AlterG treadmill will be available to patients undergoing physical therapy.

“This equipment will enable our patients to effectively advance their therapy allowing them to achieve more efficient results while decreasing their recovery time,” said Josh Billings, physical therapist and the practice’s clinic director. “By reducing the weight placed on their joints and muscles, they are able to complete an effective workout with less strain on the body.”

The technology was originally developed by NASA so that astronauts could work out in space, and now is used for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Currently there are less than 200 facilities in the nation that offer the treadmill, but it looks like soon AlterG will landing so more people can take advantage of the space age technology.

National Rehabilitation Hospital Official Website

Harbor Hospital Official Website

AlterG Official Website

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