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PlayStation Move.Me to Benefit Research and Academic Communities

Anyone who thought that video games are just distractions from academic efforts might want to think again. This week at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco Sony Computer Entertainment America unveiled Move.Me, a software application that academics, researchers, students, and hobbyists can use to create new types of software applications using the PlayStation Move motion controller as an input device on their own PCs, all via the PlayStation3 system.

The Move.Me project has the potential to help medical researchers prototype, for example, rehabilitation applications for patients undergoing physical therapy. The Move.Me application could further help lead game design students to develop new creative concepts for gaming within the areas of 3D modeling, motion capture, and augmented reality. The application is compatible with any Windows or Linux-based PC; other devices, such as tablets and smartphones, can also receive PlayStation Move’s tracking data if they can connect to a PS3 system.

“PlayStation Move’s camera-plus-controller combination allows for the most precise and immersive gaming experiences,” said John McCutchan, senior engineer, SCEA Developer Support. “Now we’re formally taking that advanced technology, which was almost ten years in the making, and offering it to innovators outside of our traditional game development community so they can create their own applications to impact the world in exciting new ways.”

The Move.Me application will be available for download from PlayStation Network this spring.

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