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Lazer Focus

Is Lazer going to introduce an aero cycling helmet? The company provided a one-piece aero helmet to a few pro riders this year. The helmet was called the Helium FAST, but now rumors are circulating that the company, which is the oldest bicycle helmet maker in the world, might be making a consumer version. We’ll have to watch and see.

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Brain Bucket Indeed

Helmets are often called brain buckets, but the SMART is actually a cycling helmet that is pretty darn smart. While still under development via an Indiegogo project, its developers hope to create a cycling helmet with an integrated heart rate sensor.

Instead of wearing a heart rate monitor strap this system would provide real time, accurate monitoring via a sensor located in the helmet. This same type of sensors are currently used by fighter pilots and astronauts, and the developers have placed these in a Lazer Genesis helmet. The information gathered by the SMART sensor can be sent in real time to a mobile phone, sports watch or cycling computer via ANT+ and Bluetooth. Video after the jump

Lazer Sports Now Has Lazer Vision

The Belgium helmet company, Lazer Sports, has recently announced the fall release of a new line of sports eyewear designed for cyclists. Established in 1919, Lazer is the oldest, continuously run manufacturer of helmets, for the bicycle, motorcycle and leisure helmets markets in more than 50 countries, over 5 continents. Brian Kee, part of the new vision division at Lazer Sports, introduced the eyewear the will be appearing in retailers later this year during a presentation at this years PressCamp. The new line of glasses has five different styles with estimated retail pricing ranging from $40 to $90. Read the rest of this entry »

Helmets for Urban and Even Non-Urban Commuters

Everyone who rides a bike on public roads probably knows that having a light isn’t a bad thing. You can’t always count on being home before the sun goes down, and a blinky can help let the cars – as well as other cyclists – know to share the road.

And for commuters, there is a good way to make sure you’re seen as well. Lazer, the maker of cycling and motorcycle helmets, has a line of bike hard hats in its Urbanize line that include integrated lights. Among the helmets offered by the company are those that include a light rig with front and back lighting for optimal visibility for the rider – so you can see and be seen as well.

The helmets are available in models that are rain protected, meaning water won’t cause damage, while winter padding and insect nets are also available. There are helmets that look good for race day and for long daytime training rides, but for the daily commute to the daily grind, the Lazer will help point the way.

Lazer Urbanize Helmets

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