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CES 2012: iBike Trains for iBike POWERHOUSE Release

With a handful of apps, the iPhone doubles as a cycling computer, but a new app and companion case from iBike will offer custom readings depending on the user’s goals. One such app-plus-case is the iBike Cycling Computer. The iBike POWERHOUSE is what the company is calling an “intelligent cycling computer” that automatically adjusts to exercise goals.

Those exercise goals offered by iBike POWERHOUSE include “iSlim,” “Express Fitness,” “Brazilian Butt,” “Kid Fit,” “Weekend Warrior,” “Zero to 50 miles in 3 weeks,” and “Healthy Heart.” The program guides you through a series of 45 to 90-minute bike rides. During each ride, the user is coached to pedal at specific levels of effort. Read the rest of this entry »

US Army to Deploy Smartphones

While the troops are coming home, or mostly have come home from Iraq, a large presence of U.S. soldiers still remains in the field around the world. The time in Iraq and Afghanistan no doubt made it clear to military planners as to what technology worked and more importantly what likely needed improvement.

Last week The Army Times reported “Army expects to field smartphones next year,” and this will include Army-issued handsets. According to the story these will include a secure version of the Android operating system, which will get certification from the National Security Agency. Additionally, the iPhone and iPad iOS is being considered as another option. Read the rest of this entry »

Pump up the New Year

Getting fit is no doubt many a resolution, but this year PumpOne looks to make the personal training experience a little easier. For 2012 the company has brought out its FitnessBuilder app to the Android platform, building on tis successful iOS app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Fitness Builder Official Website Feature list after the jump

CES 2012 Preview: AirGo Sounds Out(doors)

Bringing some sound to the great outdoors is what Russound hopes to show off at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show. The company will demo its AirGo Outdoor Sound Station, which is designed to stream music from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or PC and via iTunes, Pandora or other music services. While we haven’t heard it, this wireless speaker system could be the thing to bring music to outside ergo the AirGo is one we’ll want to see – and more importantly hear!

AirGo Official Website

Keep Your iPhone Secure in Action with Quad Lock

Click image for more detail

On the bike, your smartphone isn’t just a communication device, many apps turn it into a cycling computer. But it’s difficult to see the readouts from the screen if you have your phone in a back pocket or pouch. Australian start-up Annex Products has a Quad Lock case and mount that solves that problem.

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Apple Wants to See More Bluetooth Low Energy Accessories, Report Finds

The Verge reports “Apple wants to see a new wave of app-based accessories using the new Bluetooth Low Energy profile in Bluetooth 4.0, with a particular focus on next-generation health and fitness gadgets like the FitBit Ultra and Jawbone Up.”

BLE is a feature in Bluetooth 4.0—the latest version of the wireless radio-based technology that connects two devices over a short distance, such as between cell phones and headsets—designed for low-power and -latency applications. It allows devices that utilize the protocol to realize long, continuous operation before a recharge.

Along with the ANT+ protocol, the medical community and health care-related industries have taken an interest in BLE and designing products around (more about BLE in health care explained here). But, if Apple, a major, influential player in the electronics industry, is throwing its support behind it, BLE could become standard across the board.

There are no further details or timeline, according to The Verge, but the site notes that while the iPhone 4S already supports Bluetooth 4.0, it could be some time before an abundance of products show up on shelves.

[Via The Verge: Apple preps iOS accessory makers for Bluetooth 4.0; not using Bluetooth for AirPlay]

Turning Optrix For the iPhone

There have been a lot of sports specific digital camcorders come onto the market, but Optrix HD Sport Mount (MSRP: $79.99) is doing a bit of hocus pocus. For its next trix, its transforming the iPhone or iPod Touch into an HD Action sports camera, complete with rugged waterproof case and mount. The iPhone already allows for uploading of Full HD 1080p resolution videos from the handset, making it an ideal action sports camera. The only missing link in using it was a case that could protect the rather fragile handset.

But according to reports the Optrix mount is durable enough for “military life” while providing easy access to the interface for playback, video editing and uploading. Talk about truly Optrix!

Optrix Official Website
[Via Ubergizmo: Optrix HD Sport targets extreme sports enthusiasts]

iPhone Case Carries Essentials

Click the image for larger detail.

The days when we can walk out of our house with just a phone, which will serve as method of payment and ID, aren’t here just yet. But iLID, a compact iPhone case, packs essentials including credit card, ID, cash and a house key. The iLID case is a Kickstarter project.

Made from polycarbonate material, the iLID is rugged. It measures in at just 17 mm thick, and slips into your pocket. If you’re biking or running, you have all the essentials in one small package that doesn’t take up too much space or add bulk. The iLID fits the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

The iLID design is streamlined, and a good solution for iPhone users. Other smartphone cases on the market also carry cash and cards. The Callet, which has cases for the iPhone and several BlackBerry models, also holds a few key items.

iLID Official Website

Stormin’ iPhone Bike Mount

The iPhone can be a great cycling computer, but this means exposing the expensive smartphone to the elements. For those who go off road there is the StormCruiser from Joy Factory, a bicycle mount designed to tackle spills and the elements. The StormCruiser is designed for the iPhone 4/4S, and the scratch resistant case offers protection from water, dust and grease. It can be mounted on the body frame, between the handle bar, or on the top tube.

At just $49.95, Joy Factory’s StormCruiser adds just enough protection, while allow riders to concentrate on the trail and not have a little less worry about their expensive handset.

Joy Factory StormCruiser Official Website

Trimble App Navigate the Outdoors

This week Trimble announced the release of its suite of apps for outdoor enthusiasts. The apps are designed for users to plan trips and navigate the outdoors. The first app, Trimble Outdoors MyTopo Maps, is a mapping and trip planning app for the Apple iPad to organize outdoor adventures, while the second app, Trimble Outdoors Navigator, offers in-the-field GPS navigation and mapping for the iPhone and Android devices, and be used on trails and in remote backcountry areas.

Although the two apps run independently, users’ personal trips can be exchanged between the apps via the free Trimble Outdoors Trip Cloud, a wireless service that allows users to exchange trips between apps and

“Our new ecosystem of apps and digital maps covers a full range of navigation needs for outdoor enthusiasts–from planning a trip at home or in the coffee shop to finding remote forest roads or campsites while in the outdoors,” said Rich Rudow, general manager of Trimble Outdoors. “The new apps offer best-in-class topographic and aerial maps, and tools to answer the specific demands of hikers, off-roaders and other outdoor enthusiasts.” Read the rest of this entry »

Felt Makes Bike Shopping Easier

A majority of bike shop are owned and staffed by knowledgeable and honest people, but have you ever walked into a bike shop and felt that you were being steered towards a particular bike or size that didn’t seem to fit right? Were you told that a certain model was not available in another color? If you have run into this before at a bike shop, the best option is to either walk out or find another sales person, but what do you do if that shop is the only one in town that is an authorized dealer for the brand of bike that you want? Another option is to arm yourself with knowledge, and Felt Bicycles is helping you do that – at least for its brand.

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BitGym Makes Working Out Fun

Getting to the gym is one thing, getting inspired to go to the gym is something else, and having the desire to go the distance at the gym takes a lot of discipline. This is where BitGym comes in, offering games that make working out fun.

And unlike actual video game systems, BitGym’s approach is a bit different. While working out users sync their iPhone or iPad with a gym’s workout equipment, such as a treadmill, elliptical machine or stationary bike. BitGym provides an app that offers a variety of games that users play while interacting with the forward-facing camera, such as steering an in-game car on a road with their head (above). BitGym is a recent startup that has launched out of the Rock Health accelerator in San Francisco, and was recently one of 13 companies that debuted at Rock Health’s Demo Day at the University of California, San Francisco.

This certainly has a novel approach to staying entertained while putting in the miles on a workout machine. For many it probably beats watching the news.

BitGym Official Website
[Via peHUB: Startup BitGym Aims to Inspire Geeks to Work Out with iPads, iPhones]

Life Fitness Track and Go for the Home

You won’t need to trek down to the gym to Track and Go. Life Fitness has announced a new line of consumer cardio equipment featuring two new console options, Track and Go. This new product line-up is designed to answer consumer demand for greater fitness tracking and entertainment features. These energy-efficient consoles are now available on 10 Life Fitness consumer equipment models and include a variety of advanced technology features including iPod/iPhone docking stations, family fitness customization features and Virtual Trainer connectivity.

“As consumers look for ways to enhance their workouts, Life Fitness will continue to develop new and innovative fitness product offerings,” said Dan Wille, Life Fitness vice president, global marketing, product, and business development. “The Track and Go Consoles not only provide a great workout experience, but also one that can be customized to the individual, allowing them to get exactly what they need from the machine and ultimately their workout.” Read the rest of this entry »

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