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Smart(phone) Way to Fish

With a smartphone you can easily search for a seafood restaurant, or you could use it to go directly to the source. While we’ve seen gizmos such as the Magellan eXplorist line of GPS devices that now include fishing hotspots map, once there you still need to see if the fish are actually there to bite.

For that the Deeper FishFinder might just do the trick. It is a sonar-enable waterproof ball that won’t sink but it will sync with the smartphone. The Bluetooth-enabled device can scan the water and send location information directly to an iOS or Android phone or tablet. It shows the approximate location of fish with a depth chart as well so you can cast off in just the right spot. Read the rest of this entry »

Spybike Puts GPS in Your Steertube

For serious cyclists nothing sucks more than having a bike stolen. You keep track of the serial number, engrave your name in the frame, but this only helps if the police actually recover your bike.

How about tracking the thieves instead? That’s the idea behind Spybike, a GPS tracker that can be hidden in the steer tube. It can upload the coordinates of the bike to a mobile smartphone or website in case of theft. When the device is activated a motion sensor detects any movements and sends an alert to your phone. Every 20 seconds or so the coordinates of the bike are uploaded, and when the bike stops it goes to sleep to conserve the lithium rechargeable battery. Video after the jump

Bia Sports Introduces Women Specific Sports Watch

Many sports watches can do it all – except provide a bit of women friendly style. Now Bia has introduced a sprots watch designed for women, and is designed by women. It provides a sleek form factor that can monitor heart rate (from a third party strap), calories burned, intervals and even provide a stop watch. With the external GPS-GSM based Go Stick, users can track distance, speed and pace as well.

Video after the jump

Runtastic Adds to Mobile Fitness Tracking Apps

Runtastic added two features to its activity tracking app. Ideal Weight 2.0 and Altimeter are now part of the Runtastic Pro apps, which cost about $3.99 in the Android and iPhone app stores. Read the rest of this entry »

Go Fish

Any GPS can help you find your way to a seafood restaurant, but the Magellan eXplorist line – 310, 510, 610 and 710 – can be loaded with the Fishing Hot Spots maps so you can get a very personal catch of the day.

Fishing Hot Spots features detailed profiles with shoreline characteristics, size, depth and contours, and submerged cover/vegetation to better prepare anglers for their fishing trip, along with lake-specific tips and techniques help the angler identify the fish species, seasonal fishing patterns and the best baits and lures to use for greatest success.

It even offers information on fishing points of interest and not so “fishy” data such as primary species and average sizes, tackle techniques and stocking practices.

The new maps are available now for $9.99 each, and will feature approximately 6,000 lakes across the U.S. The fish won’t stand a chance.

Magellan GPS Specialty Maps Official Website
Fishing Hot Spots Official Website

Take The National Bike Challenge

This week the League of American Bicyclists, Bikes Belong, Endomondo and the Kimberly-Clark Corporation kicked off the National Bike Challenge, which runs from today until until August 31, 2012. This is a new, nationwide initiative to inspire and empower millions of Americans to ride their bikes for transportation, recreation and better health.

The friendly, online competition is looking to unite 50,000 bicyclists to ride 10 million miles in communities across America. The Challenge is simple, free and open to everyone, and can sign up as an individual or as a team, log your miles, share your stories and encourage others to join you. Smartphones users can download the free, GPS-enabled Endomondo mobile app to record travel distance and automatically upload their miles. Riders will compete for prizes and awards on the local and national level, including a Grand Prize trip through California wine country from Trek Travel. Read the rest of this entry »

Despite High Awareness, Consumers Reluctant to Buy Fitness Gadgets

There’s never been a better time to get fit. Technology and the Internet have combined to make it easier than ever to record and track your health. From advanced pedometers like the Fitbit to wearable bracelets like Nike’s Fuelband, we’re living in an era where tracking your day-to-day health is as easy as updating your Facebook status.

However, a new study from New York-based NPD Group shows that while consumers are highly aware of all the latest health gadgets, many are still reluctant to purchase them. For instance, of the men and women polled for the NPD Group’s digital fitness study, only 9% have ever used a heart rate monitor. Making matters worse, nearly half of those who have used one have borrowed it from a friend or relative. Read the rest of this entry »

Polar Offers Limited Edition Tour de France Training Computer

The Tour de France is still just over two months away, but yellow products are popping up with cycling tie-ins. Polar is offering a limited edition Polar RCX5 Tour de France training computer. Read the rest of this entry »

Arrival of Android Mount is Logical

Mr. Spock on TV’s Star Trek would probably think it is illogical that Android users don’t get the same level of product offerings as their iPhone counterparts. But logic, or rather BioLogic, proves that Android users shouldn’t be left out.

The company has unveiled its Bike Mount for Android, a weatherproof case for Android-based smartphones that can mount to bicycle handlebars. This allows users to use GPS, and other apps on the phone to track speed, position or distance traveled, well riding. The weatherproof hardshell case features a welded, touch-sensitive membrane that allows for touchscreen functionality. Video after the jump

Here’s Your Caddy

Not everyone can get the pro treatment, but the folks beyond Who’s Your Caddy, a free mobile golf app, has launched a new website to help golfers and courses alike improve the game.

For those in the swing, this website features Caddy Tips, complete with hole-by-hole video from the club professional offering tips and suggestions, as well as Gimmes, which include free gifts from neighborhood businesses. Additionally, golfers can use their smart phones to gather enhanced GPS information about playing the course, while the golf course receives a generous revenue share through their participation in the Who’s Your Caddy Mobile Marketing Program. Video after the jump

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Lonely Runner Indeed

From YouTube: [CrazyNav] TwoNav, When orientation becomes a game 

Challenge yourself! Find your way, alone, with nothing else but your GPS.


Read the rest of this entry »

A Tack With GPS

GPS is very good for plotting distance when fairly direct travel is involved, but this isn’t always possible. One notable area where this can be difficult is with sailing as tacking to catch the wind is necessary, making it nearly impossible to determine arrival time. Read the rest of this entry »

Motorola Gets ACTV With Golf Edition

We’ve reported on the Motorola MOTOACTV a few times already, but we’ve circled back as the company announced a new golf edition that is ready to hit the links. This actually includes a partnership with the mobile device developer and three-time PGA Tour winner Bubba Watson. This new MOTOACTV takes proven GPS tracker and basically has added a virtual caddy and online clubhouse into the mix.

It features 20,000 golf courses in the database, and allows players to check the distance to the front, center and back of the greens, as well as distance to hazards. It can track the user’s score and of course sync to the MOTOACTV service. It will be ready for 18 holes beginning April 1. Full press release after the jump

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