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Get Up and GoTality

Performance Designed Products (PDP) has made it easier to get up and go, and to turn your iPod or iPhone into a fitness monitoring device. The GoTality is a cardio fitness kit that is compatible for all models of the iPhone as well as iPhone, and the complete package, which is available now for $59.99, includes a clip-on heart rate monitor and reflective exercise armband that keeps the device snug while you’re off on the go.

The GoTality app essentially works with an ear clip that can track the distance a user runs or steps taken, while also tracking biometric data including heart rate, basal metabolic rate and even Body Mass Index (BMI). Of course what’s a heart rate monitor that can’t keep track of calories burned? This one will do that can even calculate fitness zone and help users determine the ideal work out levels.

Users can set fitness goals, and exercise programs that are tailored to specific needs, and with an iPhone there is even GPS provided to complement the built-in pedometer so you can see where you went and track your progress on a map. Did we say it is time to get GoTality?

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