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Gyro On Board

Imagine a skateboard that went nowhere, yet could still allow users to actually make some skateboard moves? One such deck is the Gyroboard, a product of Gyro Enterprises, which simulates the movement of board sports but from a stable position. The board does move – it just doesn’t go anywhere. Instead it features 360 degrees of rotation, can tilt forward or side to side. In this way it actually provides more motion than a skateboard or snowboard, but could be used for rehabilitation or training.

In fact, the Gyroboard is available in three different models, with the first being the FDLS-BL2 flat plank that is designed for general fitness as well as injury rehabilitation, while the FSBD-BL2 is a hybrid that is designed in the shape of a skateboard with flat surface area, and finally the SBD-BL2 is almost a true skateboard on a spring. Each is available for around $300 for anyone looking to get on board. Video after the jump

CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Training

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