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Philips ESee Does It

Much has been made about the fact that smartphones pretty much give everyone a camera for everywhere they go. And with many smartphones including built-in HD video cameras does anyone need a pocket camcorder these days? Well, apparently Philips thinks so, and its new ESee pocket video camera could fill the void left by the now-discontinued Cisco Systems Flip camcorder.

The Philips ESee shoots in full 1080p HD resolution, and give users the option to simultaneously record a QWVGZ 240p version, giving the best of both worlds. There can be the full HD file version for editing, plus a smaller sized file that can be emailed around. This pocket camera further makes use of the H.264 video compression to help reduce file size, while the ESee makes it easy to transfer files, and posting as it supports built-in Windows software with one-button posting of videos to YouTube or Facebook. Read the rest of this entry »

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