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Speed Projection

Most cyclists have some sort of cycle computer. Whether it’s an app on an iPhone or Android smartphone, or a GPS device from Garmin, your miles are logged. But when on the bike sometimes the sun glares on the screen and it’s difficult to make out your speed. Likewise, after dark your screen may not be easy to see as well. A new Dynamic Bike Headlight, in development, projects your speed on the ground ahead of you, which also provides a light to increase visibility. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Turns iPhone Into iBike Cycling Computer

The iBike Dash CC (Cycling Computer) is a case and app combo that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a cycling computer. The iBike is a top-loading case that fully encloses your iPhone and mounts it to your handlebars. The phone then displays a number of readings such as maps, speed, heart rate and other data.

Five colored heart rate zones tell you how hard you’re pushing it. You can use the meter to tell you when you’re at 50 percent to 100 percent of your max and when you’re in a fat-burning zone if that’s your goal.

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Bike Android from Pioneer

Gadget blogs are buzzing — or should we say spinning their wheels — about an Android-based cyclocomputer in development by Pioneer. It wasn’t openly on display at CES earlier this month, and Pioneer doesn’t have anything posted on its US or Japan sites, however this video from DigInfo has an interview with one of the developers in Japan and some operational footage of the unit itself.

It will measure the typical speed, distance and cadence. Expect it also to have navigation and other typical read outs. A sensor on the crank, or pedaling meter will measure the force vectors of their left and right feet on the pedals and crank.

The computer will be Ant+ compliant, which is a wireless sensor network solution, so it will be able to talk to other devices. We expect for starters it will talk to your Android-based phone.

Last summer Apple filed a patent for a cycling app, though there haven’t been any announcements on when that will come out or if it will have even half of the functionality of this Pioneer computer.

via [Engadget and Android Fanatic]

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