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End of the Road

KineticWhen we launched KineticShift at the 2010 International CES we hoped to bring attention to the fact that many tech and gadget blogs called out products that entertained but few addressed that technology could also help make users healthier in the process. Since our launch CES has added a program that specifically addresses fitness technology, the trade magazine TWICE (This Week In Consumer Electronics) covers fitness technology and big box retailers such as Best Buy carry fitness devices including motion trackers and heart rate monitors.

There is now a whole category of wearable devices and major players from Google to Apple to Microsoft are now in this space. Fitness technology has come into its own.

On the one hand we could say “mission accomplished,” but of course this trend would have happened without KineticShift. While we managed to get on the radar of many companies and helped promote many products we have also realized that we were never able to break out.

We say kudos to those sites such as Gear Patrol, Gear Junkie and Uncrate that have managed to make a splash. We’ve covered an alphabet of trade shows: CES, SIA, E3, CTIA, SHOT, etc. (not to mention Interbike and many other shows), and we thank all our readers who came and read what we had to say.

We thank the sponsors that we’ve been able to attract as well.

Thank you for four and a half great years. All of us at KineticShift will likely continue to cover and report on fitness technology, but the time has come to for us to move on. While we could continue to do our daily updates the truth is that we were unable to grow and that has limited what we can do. With that in mind, we’ve hit the end of the line.

The KineticShift Staff

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial-DAyToday is more than a three day weekend, barbeques and the start of summer. Today we remember those who gave their lives so that we could be free. Happy Memorial Day.

Quick Fire

Fastfire-Fire-Starting-KitMaking fire was a defining moment in the history of man – but in today’s high tech world most of us don’t know how to make a fire without a lighter or matches. Sure we can do the Tom Hanks thing like when he was on that island, but the SOLKOA Fastfire Fire Starting Kit can be a lot easier.

The Fastfire material when contacted by a flame or just sparks creates a sustained 1,300 degree flame in seconds. The Fastfire solid cube produces a wind resistant flame that will ignite even when floating on water. The Fastfire solid is a high-energy tinder that resembles a piece of plastic foam, which is hermetically and individually sealed in heavy-duty Mylar wrap for long term storage.

Fastfire blocks can even be easily cut into smaller pieces as needed for extended survival or general use, and the full block will burn for 10-12 minutes. If cut into 8-pieces for extended use, each piece will produce a flame for 2-3 minutes; more than enough to ignite most kindling.

This could end the “quest for fire” – and if you saw that movie you’d know why this is such a good thing.

SOLKOA Survival Systems Official Website

Water Skates

Skating or boating? You want to skate but you’d like to get out on the water. Well, you can always do what Bob Burnquist did and float a skateboard ramp on Lake Tahoe. This particular ramp was constructed as part of Visit California’s Dream365 tourism campaign.

Bob Burnquist Official Website

Twas the Day Before Christmas

SantaTwas the day before Christmas and all through the site
Many products were covered, but much more to write

Products were tested; it had been a good year
To our dear readers we now offer some cheer

As this one now ends, we’ll be back for more
Keeping reading Kinetic in Two-O-One-Four

KineticShift Seeks Content Partners launched during the 2010 CES and since that time we’ve covered thousands of products, attended dozens of other trade shows and worked to become of the best sources of news and reviews for fitness technology. We are looking for content partners or other interested parties, including potential sponsors so that we can take KineticShift to the next level. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekend Reading List (08.30.2013):

Sports Beer


From GizMag: Beer as a “sports drink”: The best of both worlds
Beer is often quaffed in the aftermath of a day of sports in the fellowship of friends and neighbors. Unfortunately, while it may pick up the spirits and increase the celebratory feeling, the dehydration associated with alcohol consumption can lead to tiredness and cramping muscles. A new study by a group of Australian Public Health researchers shows that many of these ill effects can be lessened by adding a pinch of sodium to your beer. Read the rest of this entry »

Kinetic(Mis)Shift: Paper Boy Game

PaperboyWe like the idea of technology that combines video games and fitness, and we’ve heard about a few efforts that are under way, but the PaperDude VR has us scratching our heads. Yes, it is a game combined with a bicycle and it even utilizes virtual reality.

But it is sort of the like an old episode of The Simpsons where Bart plays a virtual yard work simulation after doing everything he could to get out of actual yard work. What’s the point in other words? Aren’t video games about saving the world or at least the princess, and with all due respect to those who wake up early to deliver the paper – is this really that compelling of an “adventure?”

So perhaps this isn’t really a full-blown Kinetic(Mis)Shift but we somehow think this technology could be used for so much more. Video after the jump

Happy Fourth of July

Fourth-of-July-FlagHappy Fourth of July from Kinetic Shift.

Fold and Go

NexiBikeWe’ve seen plenty of folding bikes, but the NexiBike, which is currently in development in Boston via an Indiegogo project, is designed to be as easy to be carried and stored under a desk at work as it is to be ridden. The developers also noted that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority allows folding bikes to be brought on public transportation at all times.

This design features no cables to the rear wheels, utilizes flat-free airless tires and weights under 25 pounds – all this makes for a durable bike that should be problem free for commuters. Video after the jump

Light Grid

LumigridWe’ve seen a number of lighting systems that project ahead of the bike, typically as a way for drivers to know the cyclist is there. The Lumigrid solves another nighttime problem of altering a rider to uneven terrain, potholes and other obstacles in the road.

On flat road surfaces the projected grid will consist of standard squares but on rougher road surfaces the grids will deform, and this can help the rider “see” a hole or other obstacle. The Lumigrid LED system can be mounted to the handlebars and powered by pedal power or an internal battery.

Red Dot Design Awards: Luimigrids

Wiley X Supports Our Veterans

WileyXMemorial Day means many things to Americans. It’s the start of the summer holiday season and is marked by millions “hitting the road” in that great American tradition known as the family road trip. Others use the three-day weekend to celebrate with friends and family closer to home, marking the occasion with backyard barbecues, beach parties or family reunions.

While these are all wonderful things, veteran-owned protective eyewear manufacturer Wiley X, Inc. reminds us all not to lose sight of the solemn meaning behind Memorial Day. This uniquely American holiday is set aside for our nation to remember the estimated 1.2 million brave American soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country dating back to the Revolutionary War.

“We’ve all heard the saying that freedom isn’t free – in fact, we’ve heard it so much that perhaps it has lost some of its meaning,” said Wiley X Co-Founder Myles Freeman, Jr. “Memorial Day is a great opportunity for our nation to slow down and really think about this message – that the freedoms we all enjoy every day come at a cost. Our nation has long been blessed with brave men and women willing to pay that cost for all of us, and this special day is in their honor,” Freeman added.

Wiley X has a long connection with America’s military, providing advanced ballistic eye protection to our soldiers for more than 25 years. Every pair of Wiley X sunglasses meets stringent ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards, providing occupational grade protection for all wearers and a wide range of activities. Wiley X is the only premium sunglass brand with this level of vision protection in every pair of glasses it makes. Selected Wiley X models also meet the updated MIL-PRF-32432 (GL) MCEP Standard (superseding the GL-PD 10-12 MCEP Standard) for combat protective eyewear. This level of proven protection is a key reason why Wiley X is a top eyewear choice for law enforcement and other tactical applications in addition to military users.

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial-DayHappy Memorial Day from

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