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Lock and Loaded

SkylockIf you have to leave your bike even for a second you need a quality lock. That means bringing keys or remembering a combination. The Skylock is a keyless lock system that works with your mobile phone. It can keep your bike secure – and even alert you if the bike is moved – plus it can act as an alert should it detect a crash.

But the best part is that it syncs with your mobile device so there is no need to bring a key! Video after the jump


E-BikeKitWant to get some electrical assistance on the ride to work? The new E-BikeKit and E-TrikeKit from Electric Bike Technologies USA will electrify your ride.

“This is a significant endorsement for electric bike conversion in the U.S. market and a momentous opportunity for our company,” said Electric Bike Technologies CEO Jason Kraft. “We’ve been hard at work since 2008 developing what we know to be the best value in electric bike conversion kits and to have that recognized by J&B is a real honor.”

The systems are available now from J&B in all wheel sizes, front and rear, with several motor and battery options. Future plans include the introduction of a high-end 500-1000w geared motor and lithium battery options.

E-BikeKit Official Website

Magellan is Ready to Ride

Cyclo-505Magellan once again shows its customers the way, and this includes those on bikes. The company has launched its new Cyclo 315 and 505 GPS cycling computers in North America, following the debut of these last year in Australia and Europe The Magellan Cyclo units are designed to help guide the way for all bike riders from the hardcore triathlete to the body armored mountain biker, or even the weekend touring enthusiast.

At 3-inch in size, both the Cyclo 315 and 505 have the largest touch screens in the GPS cycling computer category. The units feature a highly detailed road network with cycling POI’s, enabling turn-by-turn navigation, as well as the very popular Open Street Map bike network, for either the U.S. or Canada. The Cyclo 505 is also the first GPS cycling computer to include Shimano Di2 gear data display and recording, Bluetooth Smart HRM/SAC sensor support, Android and iOS smartphone support for call and SMS notifications, Indoor ANT+ trainer support and enhanced ANT+ power meter support. Read the rest of this entry »

Go With the GoRemote

GoRemoteAs we’ve said many times a smartphone is a great thing on a ride but not everyone wants to put it in harm’s way. The GoRemote is Bluetooth 4.0 waterproof remote for the iOS devices that allows the handset to be safely tucked away – while this wristband and bracket gives users the freedom to take control.

The GoRemote is now looking to get going via a Kickstarter campaign. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekend Reading List (05.24.2014): Golf Gear, Interbike Opens Up, Vacation Fitness

Golf Gear


From Sport Techie: Golf Gadget Round-Up for All Types of Players
I’m far from being a high-tech wizard. I don’t collect gizmos for the heck of it, but I can appreciate the latest offerings in golf gadgetry just as much as the next guy. When GPS-enabled golf carts hit the market, essentially, if your local course didn’t jump on board, they were considered behind the times. While some of us still prefer to know more about the course than our carts do, it’s impossible to remain analog in this newly digitized version of the game. Read the rest of this entry »

Drone Strike

When we think of drones we think of taking out the bad guys from an unmanned vehicle. Many technologies developed for and by the military have found civilian applications and in the case of drones what was/is used to kill terrorists could soon help make for a truly awesome home video.

Next Level Aerial Filming is using drone technology to put a camera up in the sky and capture the action from a perspective (a bird’s eye view as they say) that wearable cameras can’t match. We’ve seen other attempts to get that eye in the sky – such as the Lehmann LA100 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – but Next Level Aerial Filming offers truly a professional service without the need to hire a helicopter.

Next Level Aerial Filming Official Website

Scosche Makes a Splash

boomBottle-H2OScosche’s new boomBOTTLE H2O won’t help you stay hydrated but it will provide the tunes while you get wet and wild. The durable, IP67 waterproof and dustproof rated device features an up-firing 50mm speaker and passive subwoofer, 33 foot Bluetooth range, and up to 11 hours of continuous playback with its rechargeable battery. It even offers a unique bottle shape so that it fits perfectly in water bottle cages and cup holders. It is rated to be submerged for up to 30 minutes, but hat shouldn’t be a problem because it has been designed to float if it falls overboard.

boomBOTTLE H2O Official Website

Lure It In

Nano-LureFish finders will let you locate the fish but you still need to lure ‘em in. The Nano Lure could help you catch the big ones. This does away with casting and reeling and replaces live bait with a robotic fish. It features an integrated sensor that activates once it is in the water, and it automatically cycles between slow, medium and fast swimming to mimic actual fish.

The Nano Lure was developed by Raul Chacon, a Dallas-based designer, and he has cast a line on Kickstarter and is looking to lure in investors for his unique fishing concept. Video after the jump

Krack Up

KrackSkate culture is one that we truly could say has many “old school” elements, but a new start-up dubbed Krack is looking to change things. The wearables company is looking to bring fitness tracking to the board culture. This isn’t as easy as it sounds as skateboarding is a technical sport that involves many quick and precise movements.

Krack’s new system includes tiny sensors that attach to the bottom of a skateboard, and these feature a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer to collect data, while an algorithms is able to make sense of it. The big question of course is why? The answer is that this could allow skaters to track progress – and possibly allow it to be used to show off their skills even if someone didn’t witness the skater in motion. It could also be used to enhance the skateboarding community through social media.

Krack Official Website

Strength Through Numbers

Push-StrengthThere are plenty of fitness monitors that track calories and activity during a cardio workout – but most times those looking to increase strength and conditioning (S&C) are left without such digital aides. Push Strength is a start up that is looking to change this.

While heart rate monitors are typically worn on the chest, the Push system utilized a strap that goes around the arm – and in can track reps & sets, force, power, balance, speed and even be used to answer the phone remotely. This could prove there is strength in numbers.

Push Strength Official Website

Suunto Moves to Strava

Suunto-StravaGPS smartwatch maker Suunto launched its online data-crunch website Movescount a while back, but now it is moving to a deal with Strava. This will allow users to track runs, rides, swims and hikes and track heart rate and cadence via the Suunto watches and will add the social fitness ability to provide motivation and camaraderie.

Movescount Strava Website

Griffin Covers the Trackers

Shoe-Pouch-for-Fitness-TracGriffin Technology has introduced a new line up of accessories for wearables, including the new Shoe Pouch for Fitness Tracker (above), which can provide a secure and convenient pocket for Fitbit Zip, Flex, and One; Misfit Shine; Sony Smartband; Nike+; and other shoe-based monitors. The ultra-light Shoe Pouch slips under shoelaces or can be laced through secure loops on the back of the pouch. The tracker is protected in a pocket with a Velcro flap that securely fastens keeping the device screen protected. Reflective accents provide extra visibility during nighttime runs. Read the rest of this entry »

TICKR Run to Reduce Injury

WahooFitness trackers can monitor your results and progress, while some can even track your stance, posture and form. Now Wahoo Fitness has introduced what it calls the world’s only heart rate monitor with activity tracking that provides real-time analysis of a runner’s form, helping to improve efficiency and avoid injury rates. The TICKR Run is Wahoo’s new heart rate monitor that pairs with Android and iOS  smartphones and devices.

It utilizes triple axis motion sensors along with an accelerometer that together can measure a runner’s form in three planes: vertically, side-to-side and front-to-back. Those sensors and Wahoo’s fitness app for Android and iOS produce a measurement of each runner’s form called Running Smoothness, a sophisticated algorithm that assigns varying levels of importance to each axis and combines them into a single, easy-to-understand index.

With Running Smoothness athletes can improve their form to avoid unnecessary body motion, which improves efficiency and reduces the risk of common running injuries. Using Wahoo’s app, runners can even track Running Smoothness through their workout history to see improvements over long periods of time. Read the rest of this entry »

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