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Panasonic Gets Sporty

Panasonic-HS34Panasonic has introduced its new earbud-style headphones that can handle your workout. The Panasonic HS34 Sport Clip Headphones are designed with an ear-clip style with an adjustable hanger size for individual fit. These offer a lightweight design and water and sweat resistance, which make these headphones ideal for joggers, runners or anyone who enjoys listening to music while exercising or outdoors. The flexible ear hanger is both durable and comfortable and resists popping off the ear if the headphone cord is accidentally pulled.

The Panasonic RP-HS34 Headphones are available in black, yellow, red, purple, blue, and white, and are just about $20.

Panasonic HS34 Sport Clip Headphones Official Website

Chill Out?

CLIMACHILLAfter this long harsh winter the last thing most people are likely to want to do is “chill out,” but soon the temperatures will rise and the Adidas Climachill technology will keep athletes from getting overheated. And it does so by putting metal into the clothing, but this is no suit of armor.

The line incorporates innovative fabric woven with titanium and industry-first 3D aluminium cooling spheres that provide an instant chilling sensation. The high tech fabric is designed to transfer heat away from the body to help the athletes’ performance in warm conditions – lowering their body temperature so they can train harder, run longer, retain focus and compete at the highest level.

The micro fiber fabric allows the apparel to provide the cooling properties of mesh, and in doing so can move excess moisture away from the skin. It utilizes evaporation and conduction methods together for the first time, the ground-breaking SubZero flat yarn contains titanium and is woven throughout the inside of each article of clothing. Flat yarn has more surface area than traditional yarns, which enables it to transfer heat away from your body.

Adidas Climachill Official Website

Mobile Exercise System Gets Kickstarted

TaoLast month the TAO WellShell, which was demonstrated at this past CES, recently launched as a Kickstarter campaign. TAO-Wellness is looking to develop the world’s first mobile, isometric exercise system for a fall 2014 release.

“We received a great deal of interest from the tech and fitness community as a result of our launch at CES,” says Philo Northrup, president and co-founder of TAO-Wellness. “But the question we kept getting asked was, ‘When and where can I get a TAO?’ We decided to optimize TAO for manufacturing and turn to Kickstarter to deliver them to our supporters as quickly as possible.”

The Kickstarter campaign will run through April 17. Video after the jump

Mudders Leave No Warrior Behind

The Wound Warrior Project is ready to get dirty. This weekend a team of wounded warriors will take on a new challenge- Tough Mudder Arizona. Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) Alumni will travel from around the state to participate in this mud-filled obstacle course.

The WWP Physical Health & Wellness team will take a group of wounded warriors to participate in Tough Mudder events across the country at no cost to the WWP Alumni as well as training beforehand. As a team they’ll climb through mud, dive into freezing water, climb 15-foot walls and weave in and out of electrically charged wires.

While the wound warriors face this challenge, hundreds of others “Mudders” will be raising money for WWP. Each Tough Mudder participant is asked during enrollment if they would like to donate or fundraise for the organization. So far, Tough Mudder has raised $6 million for wounded warriors!

Wounded Warrior Project Official Website
Tough Mudder Official Website

Time to Walk

WalkaboutGiven the seemingly endless winter that is still going strong in many parts of North America and it might be a tall order to get people out and walking. However, Dr. Andrew Weil in partnership with Vionic Footwear and celebrity trainer Juliet Kaska kicked off the annual Walkabout – a 28-day quest for good health – this week. The Walkabout campaign encourages the public to make a commitment to their health and start walking as little as 30 minutes a day.

“Walking is what your body is designed to do. It strengthens almost every major organ in the body, promotes bone density, and boosts the immune system,” says Dr. Weil. “There’s no special skill, training or equipment needed, just the right footwear.”

Hopefully Mother Nature will let up a bit and let more people get out and get walking, as research has shown that walking as little as 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 40 percent.

Participants in the Walkabout will receive fitness tips from Juliet Kaska to increase the walking challenge from Juliet Kaska and healthy recipe ideas from Dr. Weil via weekly emails and social media in addition to the chance to win prizes. The grand prize winner, who completes the walking challenge will win a trip to L.A. and train with Juliet Kaska to get ‘Red Carpet Ready’ and be well on their way to achieving fitness and improving their odds in beating heart disease.

2014 Walkabout Official Website

Boxing Gambling: How does Fury get fighting fit?

Tyson-FuryIn the boxing world, the upcoming clash between Tyson Fury and Joey Abell will be one of the most one sided fights of the year, that’s if you believe the bookies. Fury is the bookmakers’ favorite, with some placing him at 1/20 for the win. But how does Fury get himself to the top of his game before a big fight? Does his training regime make him the formidable favorite? Read the rest of this entry »

Sole(us) to Go

Soleus-GOSports watch and GPS maker Soleus has introduced a fitness tracker wristband. The Soleus GO! works much like similar devices and can track daily activities as well as sleep cycles. It can tack steps taken and calories burned, while a vibration alert can notify wearers when it is time to get moving. It can sync with a mobile device, while an app can log activity, plus it even show incoming calls and messages on its OLED display.

“At Soleus, we started the company around meeting the needs of the athlete with quality performance and style at an affordable cost,” said David Arnold, founder and CEO of Soleus. “Our core values are attributed to supplying athletes the most advanced tools they need to achieve their goals. At the same time, we want to help people everywhere enhance their life with activity. We spent a lot of time and research to develop the most comprehensive activity tracker that monitors and records the most important aspects of daily life while incorporating the wearable technology features for everyone on the go.”

The device arrives in retail today.

Soleus Official Website

Clash of the Titin

TitinThere is a new opinion that if you train with extra weight than you’ll perform better when it’s taken off. This is just part of the concept behind the Titin Weighted Compression Shirt, which also allows athletes to pack the base layer with gel inserts. These can be heated or cooled and either way add eight pounds to the torso. The heat can obviously help relax sore muscles while cold packs could be used to stay cool on hot day. In addition it could be used post-workout for an icing routine.

Titin Official Website

Kinetic Trainers Goes Interscholastic

Kinetic-TrainerKinetic, a division of Kurt Manufacturing, announced this month that it will continue its support of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) as a bronze level sponsor for the next two years. Kinetic has created a detailed training section for the fourth edition of the NICA Coaches Manual to help volunteer leaders provide the best information to young student-athletes looking to maximize their training. This eight-page contribution outlines the basics of stationary bike workouts, safety precautions, creative and fun training techniques and race warm-up and cool-down routines for race-day use. In addition the coaches’ manual is available to individuals participating in NICA’s coach licensing program across the country and provides detailed guidance on riding, training, coaching and other relevant topics essential to creating a fun and positive environment for adolescent cyclists.

As part of the sponsorship, all certified NICA coaches can purchase the full line of Kinetic trainers and accessories at a discount through a Kinetic retailer in their area. This program enables coaches to set up an indoor “practice” facility so the team can get together for a workout regardless of the weather.

Kinetic Official Website

Reign It In

ReignThere may be a new fitness monitor that is looking to take the top spot. The Reign Activity Tracker from Jaybird rules by providing more flexibility – not so much in letting you slack off in your workouts, but rather by featuring materials that shape to your wrist over time. There are eight interchangeable size options and this provides just enough customization. This activity monitor is compatible with Android, iOS and web apps and features wireless connectivity. It tracks your sleep and daily activities and helps you “reign” in your workout.

Jaybird Reign Activity Tracker Official Website

Hitting the Sauce

Rock-SauceRock Sauce is something you put on you not your foot, but the new topical lotion for isolated muscle pain and joint soreness just turned up the head. Rocktape has released a new super hot version that the company says is the most powerful – meaning hot – product on the market. The lotion features 20 percent Methyl Salicylate, 10 percent Menthol and .002 percent Capsaicin.

“To be clear, Rock Sauce isn’t for everyone,” the makers warn. “It will make your eyes water and muscles sing.”

After a long ride that might be music to our ears!

Rocktape Official Website

Move It With Kiwi

Kiwi-MoveThis month Kiwi Wearable Technologies announced the launch of its pre-order campaign for the Kiwi Move, an Internet-enabled wearable device that can track a user’s physical activities. It can also interact and even control Internet-connected devices at home.

“The Kiwi Move is next-generation when it comes to design and performance and we’re excited to bring it to market for consumer use,” said Ashley Beattie, chief marketing officer at Kiwi. “Unlike other wearables on the market, the Kiwi Move is fashionable and unique in that it can be worn anywhere, whether that be on your arm, wrist, waist, ankle, collar or chest.”

The Kiwi Move will make its move in July. Video after the jump

The World of Atlas

AtlasThe developers of the Atlas are looking to Indiegogo to bring out what they believe is the first fitness tracker that tracks all aspects of a workout. It can identify your exercise, count reps, calculate the calories you burn and even evaluate your form. The developers noted on the Indiegogo site that “Atlas is packed with a suite of inertial sensors, similar to those used in smartphones. The Atlas sensors see your movement in a 3D trajectory and identify the specific motion fingerprint of each exercise you’re doing. Atlas then sifts through a sea of data and picks out the pearls that are valuable to you.”

During and following workouts it can highlight the muscle groups you’ve focused on, and then suggest where to go next. Video after the jump

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