Tree-hanging Tent Works Even Without Trees

We’ve seen a few hanging tents in the past year, along with some hammock and other new innovations that let users sleep off the ground. Now comes the Tentsile, which was created by a team of British designers. This is a portable habitation for campers but we assume could just as easily be used in the backyard. It uses tension forces to suspend the tent, to protect campers from the elements, so no more sleeping on the cold, hard or damp ground, but it also ensures that campers are protected from wildlife. The system works by providing three anchor points, which utilize the forces to make for a stable, adaptable and lightweight system.

It is made of a collapsible frame that utilizes webbing straps, while the infill panels are made from water-resistant polyester that is also UV-resistant and is a fire-retardant. The best part of this system is that when used with poles it doesn’t even need trees, so it can be used virtually anyway.It even offers a rope ladder to allow users to get in and out. The system is reportedly easy to assemble and be suspended up high or just off the ground depending on needs.

Tentsile Official Website
[Via Tree Hugger: Portable Tree Houses Work in Any Environment (and Don't Require Trees)]

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