Sanpei Optics Produces Its Audio Adaptable Glasses

At the SIA Snowsports Show in January we got to see an early model of the Sanpei Optics audio-adaptable glasses. It’s a combo pair of sunglasses and earbud headphones that work together to discretely fit into the ears. Sanpei Optics is currently running a crowdfunding program on, and will begin shipping its product soon.

Two models of sunglasses include the G.I.Y.A. (Give it Your All) and the I.M.I.O. (Inspire Me, Inspire Others). Pledges toward the product get you a earbuds with built-in microphone; glasses; a carrying case and other assortments of goodies, depending on the pledge level.

The earbuds fit into the tips of the glasses at just the right spot to fit in the ears and have the glasses remain securely on the ears. The glasses can also be worn without the earbuds when audio is not needed.

While we stress that you should use caution when wearing headphones while participating in certain sports such as cycling, running and other activities where you’ll be in traffic, the combo is ideal for such sports. The earbuds are waterproof, so as long as you protect your phone or audio device, you can also wear them for watersports including windsurfing, or wear them on the slopes and don’t worry about getting them wet in the snow.

The lenses are scratch-resistant, water wicking and TAC polarized, and offer 100 percent UV protection.

Sanpei Optics was mentored under the Cal Poly Small Business Development Center for Innovation in San Luis Obispo, CA.

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