One-Piece Rain Suit for Cyclists

If rain is the enemy of cyclists – one of them, anyway – then it’s the duty of the cyclists to defeat rain any way we can. This one-piece BikeSuit from Smart Products is a slicker that takes the challenge gracefully.

The BikeSuit is made from a lightweight rip-stop nylon that helps keep water out and still lets the cyclist breathe. YKK zippers maintain a seal against pelting rain. Reflective 3M striping keeps you visible, which is especially useful since the only color the slicker is available in is black, one of the colors that becomes less visible in inclement weather.

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BikeSuit has an advantage, being that it’s one piece. If you wear a jacket and pants out in the rain, no matter what the material the rain has a way of getting in where the pants and jacket meet. It’s just one of those laws of nature. The one-piece suit holds a strong line against water getting through, since there’s nowhere for it to get in. Even though it’s one piece, its design is still somewhat flattering. A gather at the waist still makes it look like you’re wearing pants and a jacket, and not some coveralls to show you’ve given up and weather has won.

It’s a bit pricy, the BikeSuit sells for $311.25, but that’s a lot of rain protection and tailoring built into the suit.

The video produced by Smart Products does a good job of showing all the features of the BikeSuit.

The Smart Products Company Official Website
BikeSuit on Smart Products

[via Gizmodo: This One-Piece Rain Suit Lets you Pedal Through the Most Torrential Rains]

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