LED Jacket to Light the Way

It is hard not to think of the Robert Redford movie The Electric Horseman when seeing the Sporty Supaheroe cycling jacket, which features 64 integrated RGB LEDs and a stretchable and very wearable circuit board. The LED array can light up the way and display a variety of patterns.

This jacket, which is a project underway from the Utope Project reportedly works with an “acceleration sensor” and gyroscope to track the wearer’s movement, and even interact and respond according. If a rider slows down the lights can signal in red to indicate braking, while other movement can indicate turns and direction. For the rider the lights can also indicate an incoming phone call via an alert system.

The jacket is still very much in the developmental stage, but maybe it could change the way bike lights cast some illumination and how they are seen.

Utope Project Official Website
[Via Gizmag: Sporty Supaheroe cycle jacket boasts “intelligent” sensors and dynamic LEDs]

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