IHRSA: TrekDesk Lets You Walk While You Work

Trying to squeeze a workout in during office hours is no easy task. Fortunately, companies such as TrekDesk are designing products that can help you do both. At last week’s International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, TrekDesk demonstrated its flagship product, the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk, which we covered back in 2010. The TrekDesk Treamill Desk (which doesn’t include a treadmill despite its name) was designed to sit over your treadmill and let you workout while you work, browse the Web, or watch TV. The desk itself can accommodate various setups ranging from a laptop to a dual-monitor workstation. Its main purpose is to prevent a sedentary lifestyle and get people moving.

We recently had some hands-on time with a similar product, the FitDesk Pedal Desk, and were surprised at how natural it felt to pedal while casually browsing the Web. Like the TrekDesk, these products were not designed for intense, all-out cardio workouts, but rather as a way to promote an active lifestyle while doing everyday tasks. And although they may appear eccentric at first glance, so far it seems to have worked for the gaming industry.

TrekDesk Official Website

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