Get Bent – With Pyro Bike Seat Post

The world isn’t flat, but when it comes to bicycle design the old beliefs are sometimes hard to kill. It took years for carbon fiber to be accepted as a frame material. Likewise, for decades most bicycle’s front forks were curved – but now as forks are straight, seat posts are going around the bend with new curved designs.

At least that is the design that is coming from Taiwanese-based Pyro Bike, which has offered a new seatpost that is both lightweight and curved. At just 185 grams in alloy 7 series 3D forged, it is probably one of the lightest on the market, but it is the new twist the company is putting on the seat posts that might turn heads.

We’re actually sure what the benefits might be, but as with a lot of designs – some work out and some don’t. It will be interested to see if Pyro Bikes International is onto something, or if they’ve just round the corner.

[Via Bike Europe: Innovative Seatpost by Pyro Bike]

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