Everybody Wang Buds Tonight

Headphone maker Fanny Wang created the Wang Buds, a pair of ear buds that packs the sound of a larger can-style headphone in an ergonomic earpiece. In addition to a full sound, the ear buds combine the comfort factor with dynamic dual drivers and massive air chambers to pound your workout.

The Wang Buds feature high definition sound using a massive air chamber to help the sound resonate. We hope it also lets ambient noise filter through the air chamber so you can still hear what’s going on around you – such as oncoming traffic. A dynamic dual driver design includes 10 mm, 16 ohm woofer and a 6 mm 16 ohm tweeter, which is part of what delivers can headphone-quality sound.

Ergonomic silicon tips are soft, but help secure the ear buds in your ear. We’ve seen similar tips on ear bud headphones from YurBuds and other brands. It’s a question of getting the right size silicon tip to hold it securely in your ear without slipping out or hurting.

Wang Buds are covered in silicon so that they can stand up to a little sweat during your workout. Wang Buds sell for $79.95 on the Fanny Wang website.

Fanny Wang Official Website

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