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Slim Coach by MYTRAK Monitors Activity

Each day, all your activity adds up. But how much is the total of all your activity? It’s not easy to figure out what all that walking and hustling means without some help. The NBC show “The Biggest Loser” deployed Slim Coach to give those daily totals to participants. Now The Biggest Loser Slim Coach, powered by MYTRAK technology is available for you to track your daily activity.

The Biggest Loser Slim Coach, powered by MYTRAK will be in Costco and Best Buy locations on January 2. That’s just in time to start your New Year’s resolutions.

The handheld device is smaller than most cell phones and alerts you to your activity levels. It’ll tell you when you have an active day, or when you need to take another few laps to keep up the pace to a healthy lifestyle.

MYTRAK Official Website

Kinect To Go to Space

While fitness video games could be a fad down here on earth, the Microsoft for Kinect for Xbox 360 could boldly go where only a few have gone before – namely outer space. The video game system could help astronauts stay a little fitter, thanks to the body tracking camera system built into the game controller’s sensor.

This could help astronauts better calculate their weight in zero gravity, something very important as those in sapce can lose up to 15 percent of their body mass because the muscles tend to develop atrophy due to lack of use. The crews already spend up to two hours a day exercising, but until recently there has been no way to measure weight post-workout.

Now the Kinect might just do the trick!

[Via New Scientist: Kinect weighs astronauts just by looking at them]

Outdoor Gear Goes Space Age with Quasar Series

The new Quasar backpack line from Terra Nova Equipment is sturdy and light. The series includes three packs: 30, 40, and 55 liters that weigh in at about 14 ounces. Terra Nova Equipment uses an “Ultra Fabric” made from a crinkly polyethylene material used in yacht sails.

High-wear reinforcement panels are constructed with a cordura fabric and bar-tack points are stitched with Dyneema thread, which is a thermoplastic polyethylene strand with a strength ratio stronger than steel.

Terra Nova Equipment Official Website
[via Gear Junkie: 'Space Age' Look for Super-Light Pack]

Eye of the Dragon

When snowboarding you need not have the eyes of a tiger or an eagle, you need the eyes of the Dragon, and the Dragon Hero APX goggles will let you see the way. These feature super anti-fog, infinity lens technology, with armored venting and unidirectional air flow. Additionally they are helmet compatible and offer polar tech micro fleece lining for those who fly down the hills like… yes, a dragon!

[Via Snowboarder: Dragon Hero APX]

GoMotion Belt Brings the Light

Carrying on our theme of bringing light to these days of darkness, we make note of the GoMotion LiteBelt, which provides a 100 lumen CREE LED light mounted at waist level. This hands free light system offers three levels of beam intensity, can be adjusted from flood to spotlight and offers adjustable beam angle. There is also two rear LED tail-lights along with reflective trim so you can see your way and be seen!

GoMotion LiteBelt

Gathering Storm Gloves Gather Heat

When out hiking or snowshoeing, or for that matter just shoveling the driveway, there are times when you just can’t get your hands warm. But perhaps Columbia Sportwear is on to some with its Omni-Heat technology, which is essentially little silver dots inside of the glove that reflect the body heat, thus transforming gloves such as the Gathering Storm into ones that gather some heat.

And because these reflect heat, the amount of insulating material can be reduced, making for a less bulky glove. In other words, it is a small glove that feels warmer! Sounds like it might be time to gather a pair.

Columbia Sportswear Official Website
[Via Snowshoemag: Columbia’s Gathering Storm Glove Meets the Queen of Cold Hands]

CES Preview: United Health Group Experts to Speak at Digital Health Summit

The New Year is less than a week away, and the Consumer Electronics Show is just a week later. It is a time for many to think about a healthier lifestyle, and UnitedHealth Group will be at the Digital Health Summit at CES in Las Vegas to offer expert advice. Press Release after the jump

Urban 500 Lights the Way

As we’re in the darkest days of the year it doesn’t hurt to have a little illumination to light the way. Yes, the Christmas lights help, but in a few weeks they’ll be down and the dark days of winter will truly be here. But fortunately Light & Motion have their tiny, but very powerful new Urban 500 that offers 500 lumens to help riders find their way!

Light & Motion Official Website
[Via GearJunkie: Tiny 'Commuter Cannon' Bike Light Blasts 500 Lumens]

Michigan Tech Says ‘Ya’ to Snow Bikes

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is tough country. The winters are long, cold and over 200-inches of snow can fall in a year. Not only are the winters long, but the days are short at a mere eight hours. The area was heavily settled by immigrants from Nordic countries so it is no surprise that residents of the Upper Peninsula (Yoopers) have a great affection for winter sports. The website is reporting that Michigan Tech is opening certain Nordic trails to snow bikes, those bikes that have tires wider than 3.5-inches and tire pressures of less than 10 psi. Read the rest of this entry »

Get a Chuk Grip!

Looking to get a grip? The ChukGrips might just be the answer. These are multi-positional, ergonomically correct pole handles that can be used for hiking, walking, cross-country skiing and even mountain climbing. These provide a good position of the hand and wrist in relation to the poling stroke, and is ideal as well for those with large or otherwise bulky gloves, making these good for use in snow sports and for trekking through deep snow.

The grips can be attached to existing poles without too much effort, or are available as a complete package. Either way these are good for those looking to get a different kind of grip for their poles.

ChukGrip Official Website
[Via Snow Shoe Magazine: ChukGrips Transform Everyday Trekking Poles into Essential Snowshoeing Equipment]

Motorola Active with MOTOACTV

The Motorola MOTOACTV only was released back in October and already Motorola has offered an update. Not only that but last week the company even released a video to tell about the updates. Look for better battery life, new clock faces and a new stopwatch feature! Video after the jump

CES 2012 Preview: AirGo Sounds Out(doors)

Bringing some sound to the great outdoors is what Russound hopes to show off at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show. The company will demo its AirGo Outdoor Sound Station, which is designed to stream music from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or PC and via iTunes, Pandora or other music services. While we haven’t heard it, this wireless speaker system could be the thing to bring music to outside ergo the AirGo is one we’ll want to see – and more importantly hear!

AirGo Official Website

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays!

And check back all week as we offer the best products that we’ve found around the web!

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