New Smart Phone, Same Velotrac Pak!

Almost anyone who has purchased a new phone knows the frustration of having to also purchase all new accessories. The ‘smarter’ the smart phone, the more expensive the accessories seem to be. The Velotrac Pak from VeloTrac Ventures, LLC based in Mission Viejo, CA has come to the rescue for those who like to mount their iPhone, Blackberry or Droid on their bike.

The Velotrac Pak is a soft side Nylon pack that mounts to the top tube of a bike using a three point strap system keeping the phone in easy reach of the rider. The top of the pack has a separate zipper compartment with a clear vinyl window that the smart phone is enclosed while on the bike. This vinyl window not only protects the smart phone, but also allows the user to interact with the phone while riding. Under the smart phone compartment is a larger zipper compartment for easy storage of your keys, wallet, PowerBar or anything else that is small in size which you need for your ride. The Velotrac Pak is a weather resistant pack meaning that it should handle some rain, but probably will not keep water out if the pack is submerged in water.

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The Velotrac Pak has a exterior dimensions of 6.5”x3.5”x5” and weighs only 2.5 ounces. The soft sided pack should be flexible enough to fit most smart phones, MP3 players and even some GPS devices – if your device is approximately the size of an Apple iPhone, it should fit in the Velotrac Pak. As a bonus to iPhone owners, after purchasing a Velotrac Pak the free iApp can be downloaded to use on your device. The iApp has full cycling computer functions and GPS so that you can stay ‘on course’ while off-road. The Velotrac Pak is available now (MSRP: $29.95). Time to get on trac!

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