myTREK Treks Over to iPhone and iPod Touch

Want to monitor your pulse but want to ditch the bulky chest strap? Scosche Industries has released its myTREAK pulse monitor and app for for iPhone and iPod touch. The Scosche myTREK, an International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree, allows users track their pulse, calories burned, distance, speed, pace, store past workouts and much more.

“At 24 Hour Fitness, we know that fitness tools can be very useful in helping people achieve their goals; whether it’s to lose weight, run a faster marathon or to get healthier,” said Bill Quinn, senior vice president of merchandising, 24 Hour Fitness. “We are excited to be a Scosche launch partner for the new myTREK pulse monitor and offer our members another option to support them with their fitness journey.”

The Scosche myTREK, which utilizes an arm-strap design that fits over the muscular portion of the user’s forearm, can be paired with an iPhone or iPod touch, and after downloading the app, users are ready to go and users can begin tracking their pulse. The myTREK utilizes two LEDs combined with a photo sensor to detect minute changes in the user’s blood pressure to accurately measure pulse. A built-in accelerometer allows the myTREK to adjust for movement during exercise from the user’s heartbeat allowing for an extremely accurate measurement of pulse and calories burned.

Workouts can be personalized where users can target training zone and type of workout, while a male or female voice provides progress in real time letting users know how close they are to accomplishing their goals or if they have moved outside their desired target heart rate zone. The myTREK’s features a rechargable lithium ion battery that provides five hours of continuous workout time.

The myTREK is available now for $129.00 at select retailers, and it comes with small, medium and large sized armbands to ensure the perfect fit. Time to get TREKin’

Scosche myTREK Official Website
[Via Engadget: Scosche myTrek sends workout vitals to your iPhone, starts shipping now for $130]

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