Trident Case Summons the Kraken to Protect Your Gadgets

Kraken Case for iPhone

Kraken Case for iPhone

At the gym, on nature trails, and on the beach, we constantly see people spending more time with their iPhones than on the activities they were supposed to be there for. If you’re someone who can’t part with an iPad wherever you are, may we suggest that you at least cover it in something that’s durable to prevent it from damage? (Because ma’am, you’re sitting awfully close to that body of ocean water that’s splashing all around you.)

The folks at Trident Case recently announced its new Kraken series of cases that are like protective body suits for your gizmos. Designed for the iPad and iPhone 4 (coming soon for HTC’s Droid Incredible and Samsung’s Galaxy S and Vibrant devices), the Kraken cases offer shock protection with its impact resistant polycarbonate exterior and silicone sleeve and extra padded corners; an ergonomic design allowing you a better a grip when holding it; a screen protector that’s anti-glare, anti-dust, anti-scratch, and UV protectant (plus a dust filter covers up the speakers, too, without blocking out sound); and nine colors.

The Kraken iPad case sells for $45 while the iPhone version sells for $35. Cases for iPads and iPhones aren’t cheap, but at least the Kraken cases offer extra protection at competitive prices. Unfortunately you won’t get to show off your iPad or iPhone’s sleek design, cause these things will bulk up your device.

Kraken Case for iPad

Kraken Case for iPad

And yes, in case you were wondering, the Kraken is named after the mythological Norse sea monster because they “are built to be a powerful force that provides protection against elements and catastrophes that could potentially destroy mobile devices,” according to Trident Case. Wait, wasn’t the Kraken the one doing the destroying? And why in “Clash of the Titans” did the Greek gods summon something from a different mythology?

Check out Trident Case’s YouTube videos that demonstrate the Kraken’s durability.

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