The Social Network for Pirates, Geocaching

GPS devices do more than give you driving directions. They can be treasure maps. X might not mark the spot, but akin to the old pirate days, you can find markers in your GPS maps that tell you where others have left little goodies and sights for you to venture.

Now Garmin, the ones that bring you so many GPS devices for driving; biking; running; boating and more, have introduced This is a mapping site that lets you mark, share, find, comment on and investigate locations that have geocached items. It also, of course, explains geocaching and how to go about the sport. This site is free to join, and gives tips on what you need to go on a hiking, geocaching adventure. Once you decide on locations to explore, you can download the maps to your GPS device and set out on your adventure. While Garmin makes a wide range of GPS devices, and many specifically for sport use, the free site is available to any adventurers regardless of their device brand. opens up more geocache listings and possibilities by allowing anyone interested in the activity to use the site. The one thing they ask is that you provide feedback on cache locations, but that’s half the fun of the sport. If you visit the site, you’ll see your immediate area on the map with locations labeled. To explore much deeper you’ll want to join the site and create a login.


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