Mel B Puts on the Weight

Former Spice Girl Me B is packing on the pounds. But not as you would think. While many aging rock/pop stars let themselves go, the once Scary one has become a healthy lifestyle advocate. As we previously reported Mel B is also working with video game accessory manufacturer BLAZE on a line of Fitness First licensed products.

The newest announced product is the Wii Fitness First Wrist and Ankle Weights that will let users get a little more impact on their console-based workout, while still leaving hands free to take control with the Wii-mote. The BLAZE wrist and ankle weights are designed for use with a variety of fitness games. The are made of soft, cushioned fabric, and weight approximately 520 grams, which is considered an ideal weight to add resistance without being too heavy.

The BLAZE Fitness First Mel B Wrist and Ankle Weights will be available in October.

BLAZE Fitness Official Site

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