Interbike: Purist About Water

The Purist bottle is the next best thing to glass.

Ever since Interbike we’re hooked on water. That’s because we found a bottle that you can sip clean, pure tasting water (at least as pure as our local water department supplies). Specialized introduced its Purist water bottle. It’s made from silicon dioxide, a material that allows it to mimic the natural behavior of the lotus flower. It doesn’t absorb the liquid contained inside. That means it leaves all the taste, flavor, smell and other properties of your drink for you to enjoy when you’re drinking it, not the next time you have another drink.

The silicon dioxide compound is made from materials in the earlth’s crust and oxygen. It’s silicon, an inert material that occurs naturally in plant-based foods and also found in nature as sand and quartz, not silicone, a medical-grade material that has numerous uses including breast implants. As an inert material, the silicon dioxide is an effective barrier also used in the medical industry to create an ultra-sterile surface that cannot be compromised by impurities. While Specialized says you can just rinse your bottle with water and it will be ready for the next ride, we sometimes use a little soap and vigor to get our flavored drinks and other residue off. It should never be scrubbed or scratched however. The bottle can make due with a simple rinse because it’s resistant to mold and other harmful bacteria.

In addition to the materials, there’s a few features about this new bottle we like. While the sample we got is opaque, there’s a frosted stripe down the side so you can see how much liquid you have left inside. The cap screws on with a rubberized rim. And the nozzle has a burst sip that prevents water from leaking when you aren’t taking a drink. The open and close feature is another one we like. You can bite the rim to open and close and not feel like you require a trip to the dentist following your ride.

Specialized water bottle official site.

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