Hula Shaker

Fitness goes retro-tech with updated hula hoops. An article on Tampa Bay, Fla news site 10Connects touts a fitness version of the yesteryear fad of hula hooping. Today’s hoops are weighted with about one or two pounds, and are said to keep you slim and trim. The activity engages both your core and leg muscles. If you get enough of a spin going you may boost your heart rate to an aerobic level as well.

SuperFly hula hoops

One source,, sells SuperFly, a one pound hoop, for $15 plus $3 for each additional hoop. Many gyms, including Crunch Fitness, offer hula hoop-based workout classes. There’s examples of a few classes on YouTube.

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  • Paul Gonzalez says:

    Hi great site you got going. I attend a Sydney Bootcamp and I am continuually looking around for resources to send on to my bootcamp instructor. He has a bootcamp sydney page which you can read and catch some of the things we do and things to see in Oz :) If your ever in Sydney Australia, our main camp is in Pyrmont, which is close to the CBD. Cheers mate!

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